Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dust dogs and dancing shoes

Hola, Que onda????

yo so coming up to week 4 of travel and have decided to start a blog!! yay!

im in Salty salta staying in an Isreali hostel with some lovely chaps! im here for a few more weeks whilst im pimping out my spanish!

spoke to mum today and she was like dont be a multi page blogger keep shit simple soo here goes!

Ive found my new love today.... Argentinan vegetables im officially obsessed with these weird things called zapallitas i love em there green and full of water.. like eating a cactus my spanish teacher cooked me up one and then afterwards i was in love....

my obsession with queso cheese continues as well to the point that my cheese dreams are becoming addictive jajjaja

i will continue this tale manana.

for now dale vamos!!!


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