Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hard food = junk food


Here lie the reasons i am so afraid of not fitting into my skinny jeans any more! hahha humitas- they have to be my favourite thing to eat in salta for days i thought wow how can these tasty corn treats not be junk food, to which me and Gordito kept telling me that they are hard food and i kept asking what does hard food mean, this was one of many examples where i think i know what he's talking about but hahah i dont! hard food = the worst food junk food, i was like no wonder i love them.... anyways. I ran up the cerro the other day the mountain, there were these nifty chileans that lapped me twice! my big gorda legs were nothing for them. 


now the next culprit i have is locro.... this is dangerous this amazing stew stocked full of ahí ohh this spicy goodness is also the cause of the birth of my new nickname - gordita which means little fat woman!  jajaja

im looking forward to Bolivia for some controlled food poisoning to fix my skinny jean situation!

Im going to be doing some volunteering up near La Paz for 1 month in a nursery... apart from eating everything in site i am good Salta has been a lot of fun!

missing everyone xx beso  

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